Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Collegiate sand volleyball championships

OMG! I'm watching sand volleyball. Right now. Collegiate sand volleyball.
Pepperdine versus Long Beach State.  This is the first ever national championships in the sport. Not NCAA sponsored. I think, actually and somewhat perversely, Jack-in-the-Box is sponsoring these championships.
I was curious about uniforms when this sport was proposed. Pretty modest (compared to what we will see from most women's teams in London, where it's not going to be super warm, btw). Pepperdine has tank tops and what looks like running shorts. One of the Pepperdine assistant coaches is the coach of famed American duo Misty May and Kerry Walsh.
Long Beach is wearing tankinis. It looks like most of the other teams in the tournament are doing the tank top/shorts combo.
Pepperdine has already won the team title. Now they are looking to win the individual title.
I love having a girlfriend who has more sports channels than she even knows exist!

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