Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Go Sania Mirza!

A lot of the recent chatter about women in the Olympics has been around 1) Saudi Arabia's ban on women's sports and 2) just how much testosterone a woman can have before she crosses the line into "man."
But even "normally" hormoned women not from Saudi Arabia are having issues as thy prepare for London.
Sania Mirza, who was chosen to by the Indian Tennis Federation to represent India, has been at the center of an odd argument about who shall play with whom. Apparently the men on the Indian team are arguing about who they want to partner with for doubles and for mixed doubles. And they are using Mirza to try to get their way. The father of one of the players wants Mirza to guarentee, in writing, that she will play with his son. Someone has said he will only play with someone else if Mirza plays with him in mixed doubles.
It all sounds 1) a little but middle school and 2) a lot bit patriarchal.
And Mirza calls them out on all this. It's an amazing open letter that chides all the players in this drama including the Indian federation and Indian culture more generally for their treatment of women.
My (half Indian) partner rolls her eyes when talking about Indian men. This is certainly an eye-rolling moment. Mirza has taken the high ground. I hope it serves her well in London.

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I didn't know that Saudi Arabia was something like that. I think that they should try to do something more about it. I know that they religion is against it.