Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Forget pink shirts and caps...

...show your fandom in your feet, females!
Fan gear that limits your activity level.
This is something to put in my female fandom file for that not-yet-written article.
Previous commentary on this issue has been about 1) pink apparel or 2) heteronormative marketing.
My last post on the heteronormative marketing of sports gear, trinkets, mementos brought a comment from Sean at sportsBabel about why I would want to be included in the grand capitalist scheme. True, true.
And when I saw this little piece of news about how the NBA will be making $250 stilettos, I was mighty glad to not be in the target audience.These things don't seem very practical. I mean, high tripping/slipping hazard when walking around the arena and up and down stairs to your seat. And you definitely don't want some drunk fan to spill beer on these!

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