Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Which context did you mean?

There is a tie for the third spot on the women's 100 meters (running) US Olympic team.
No solution yet on how to determine which runner, Allyson Felix or Jeneba Tarmoh, will get the spot.
Justin Gatlin, the men's 100 meter champion at the trials, suggested they two women wrestle in out--in either Jello or mud. I am sure they appreciated being given two options.
Gatlin got a lot of crap for the comment which many have--not surprisingly--deemed sexist. But he said it was taken out of context.
Oh--do you mean the context of patriarchy where you think all kinds of comments are permissible?
The thing about dominant ideologies is that they all have a little bit of wiggle room; there's a lot of pushing and pulling; and hegemony has been known to spring a leak.

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