Friday, September 07, 2007

Did you find what you were looking for?: 10,000 hits

I reached 10,000 hits on Tuesday thanks, in part, to Agnes Szavay. More on that later. But until this week it had been rather slow. Only a few people looking for those glitter headbands or Abby Wambach's sexuality. So some of these are old.

1. I heard Lindy Vivas, the former Fresno State volleyball coach who recently won a hefty settlement [UPDATE: Fresno State just filed a motion for a new trial but they won't release on what grounds yet], on the radio last month talking about gender discrimination. She mentioned that there is an obsessive interest in female coaches' sexuality. No kidding. There have been lots of searches for "(coach's name) gay." And of course there's interest in the sexuality of athletes. And lest we think this is just an American phenomenon, note that some people in Malaysia have found After Atalanta by searching for "Azalina lesbian." Azalina is the woman I wrote about a while ago because she won an award for advancing the cause of women's athletics in the country.

2. Brings a smile to my face search: "oblivious men." I wonder exactly what the searcher was looking for.

3. There is a lot of interest in Ana Ivanovic. Not searches for "Ana Ivanovic's backhand" or "Ana Ivanovic's serve"--searches about Ivanovic's body--and not how in shape it is. The latest incarnation is "will Ana Ivanovic pose for for SI swimsuit issue." Ivanovic, from what I have seen, is pretty shy. But I wouldn't be surprised if she followed in the footsteps of other female tennis players who have posed for the issue: Steffi Graf, Kournikova, the Williams sisters, and Sharapova. At least it's not Playboy.

4. So what seems to have put After Atalanta over the 10,000 hits mark is, ironically, the sexualization of female athletes. Specifically the breasts of Bethanie Mattek and Agnes Szavay. Unfortuantely the sign that Agnes Szavay has made it is that people are ogling her body and want pictures of it. I guess that's why my hit count is way up but the average time spent is down to under a minute. No breasts here, people.

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