Friday, September 14, 2007

Don't forget the other sports

The Women's World Cup is not the only women's sport underway this weekend.
The World Cup of Rugby began this week as well and is being held in Paris where apparently people are pretty excited about the six-week tournament. And though rugby is even less popular with American audiences than soccer, maybe we should start paying attention. The NCAA has sanctioned women's rugby and it's likely that many of the over-300 club teams that exist at American colleges and universities will consider trying for varsity status.
Also, the US Open of Women's Bowling will be taking place over the next several weeks and ESPN is airing the competition on Sunday afternoons. This information is posted on a blog at which I link to largely because blogger Ace14 has included a clip from Grease2 (the superior Grease movie of the series in my opinion) where the Pink Ladies and T-birds bowl and sing and dance--at the same time!
Don't forget the Solheim Cup which pits a US team of golfers against a European team. Hosted by Sweden this year it looks to be a good competition even though, as I watch while typing (turn on the Golf Channel if you have it--they're offering live coverage), it looks like lousy weather over in Sweden. I am a little turned off by the US team's matchy-matchy look that includes ridiculous infantilizing red hair ribbons (except for Pat Hurst). But whether anyone will actually see the uniforms and judge for themselves is a questions mark. Because like the soccer World Cup, the scheduling for the Solheim Cup is lousy. In addition to conflicting with non-golf events like the Red Sox/Yankees series, the event also coincides with the Tour Championships.
If I missed anything, let me know and I will add the necessary information.

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Diane said...

Fed Cup finals! Available live from Moscow on The Tennis Channel, with plenty of re-broadcasts.