Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Please don't call them Ladies

I know everyone's watching college football, or professional football, or the pennant race. Some of us are watching the World Cup. But it's hard not to think about college hockey which is gearing up for season openers.
The Boston Herald ran a brief column today on the Hockey East conference, in which my alma mater UNH plays. Both the men's and women's teams have been voted first in the coaches' pre-season poll. (The men tied with rival BC.)
Alas, reporter John Connolly called the women's team the Lady Wildcats. Grrrr.... I have written previously about the problematic use of the term Lady to designate women's teams and expressed my continued disappointment in Tennessee basketball coach Pat Summitt for her support of the practice. But at UNH, we don't even use the term. (I would have to look into whether we ever did.) So that means Connolly is just using to distinguish--and by distinguish I mean demean because of course "Ladies" can't play real, manly, aggressive hockey--the women from the real Wildcats, the men.
Excuse me, I have to go write another email to another reporter about his problematic coverage of women's sports. How many times is that this week?

[tip 'o the hat to The Dad for telling me about the story, and the faux pas.]


Gender Blank said...

I have a very ladylike boot that might fit nicely up his ass. Of course, then I'd need a new pair of boots.

ken said...

Welcome back, GB! Hope you're liking your new digs.
Keep the boots clean. They're more effective on your feet facilitating a confident swagger.