Friday, September 12, 2008

Did you find what you were looking for?

It's been months and months since I have done a "find what you're looking for?" column. Largely because I got exasperated with all the hits I get from that freakin' Family Guy episode that disses the WNBA. Seriously, sometimes I think half my hits come from people searching for something related to that episode. Also, I don't feel the need to acknowledge how many people come here looking for "naked pics of (fill in female athlete of choice)" or "(fill in female athlete of choice) lesbian." But there appear to be some new ones so I thought I would share.

1. Nancy Lieberman seems to be a hot topic right now. Sure I always got the occasional "Nancy Lieberman gay" search, but since her oh-so-brief stint in the WNBA this past July there seems to be some renewed interest. One has to do with her training. There was a little montage about it during the Detroit Shock versus the Phoenix Sun game the other night. Okay, yes, it's impressive that a 50-year old underwent a pretty intense training regimen for months in order to play for a few minutes. But really all I am taking from that montage is are a few exercises to add to my own regimen.

2. Also on the Nancy Lieberman front a search for her son's name. Really? You don't know it by heart already? Because she says it ALL THE TIME. She even mentioned it while being interviewed after the montage aired. "My son, D.J. this" and "my son D.J. that." We get it, Nancy. You had a child, with a man no less. It's not always a convincing indicia of heterosexuality. Stop trying to pass!!

3. Can't ignore the tennis fashion search by someone apparently looking to find out which tennis players are wearing Under Armour. There are not that many that I have seen. Robbie Ginepri is probably the most well-known player who is sporting Under Armour. On the women's side the only player I can recall is Jill Craybas. This could be because the Under Armour tennis line isn't that interesting. It might be selling itself on its performance but I have an Under Armour strappy tank that I wear playing tennis and I don't find it any better than other athletic clothes I have. Tennis really does not seem to be their focus and the line reflects that. They do seem to be offering more options, though. You can check out their stuff at their website. Here's the men's line. And here's the women's. But wait, if you click on the link you'll see there are no active products in the line. Strange. There's some stuff at Tennis Warehouse. (Look but don't buy--remember Tennis Warehouse still retains Justin Gimelstob as a spokesperon.) I kind of like that one of their women's shorts is called the "women's basic aggressive short."


Anonymous said...

Vera Zvonareva wears UA, too, I believe.

Anonymous said...

Tennis Warehouse ended their commercials with Gimelstob in June before Wimbledon was over. You are free to shop there again and use your anger for the insult that John McCain has perpetrated on this country's women.