Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hockey goods and bads

It's the first full day of fall, people. You know what that means for sports fans.
No, not football.
Hockey! It's right around the corner. My Wildcats take the ice soon soon soon.
That's the good.
But I have come across some not-so-good regarding hockey in the past few days.
First, I was listening to an old episode of Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me in the car on Sunday and in the segment in which a caller has to tell truth from fiction there was a story about a hockey school that teaches kids--kids!--how to fight. I know hockey is pretty violent, but that was not the story I picked. I was wrong. It's true. A former NHLer has a one-day camp in Canada that teaches pee-wee hockey players how to fight on the ice. Lovely.
Also lovely is the continued practice of the University of Kentucky men's hockey team that promotes itself with posters featuring models or actresses posed in only a hockey jersey. Former models include Ashley Judd, who was the first and wanted to do something to help out her alma mater, and Rebecca Gayheart a Kentucky native. This year it's Miss Kentucky. What I don't think I realized was that this team is a club sport! Which actually, as I think about it, may be why they get away with this. An intercollegiate team might have to answer for such outright sexism. The posters raise a lot of money for the team, which is not supported like intercollegiate teams are--not that this is a good reason for exploiting women. Also disturbing is that other schools have tried their own versions of the poster campaign. They haven't had the same success though. I could say something here about the state of Kentucky but I will refrain because I am sure there are people in Kentucky who find this abhorrent as well.

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