Monday, September 22, 2008

Why I hate all things FOX

Because of columns like this. It sounds innocuous enough with the title "WPS commissioner knows what challenges lie ahead." But writer Jamie Trecker, the soccer guy for FOX Sports online, proceeds to engage in snarkiness (I know, I know, pot calling the kettle black and all) about the prospects of not just a professional soccer league but a professional women's soccer league--in the United States. He implies that the WUSA failed because of general hubris among players such as Julie Foudy and women's soccer supporters like journalist Christine Brennan. That they were naive to think that the 1999 World Cup would fuel a league. Of course he fails to engage in any kind of discussion of sexism, not even a liberal examination of what, say, would have happened to the popularity of soccer in the US if the men's national team had even the modicum of success the women's team has had over the years. Yet, despite this lack of a strong national team, we have what, three, professional leagues which feature men.
Also annoying was that both Trecker and current commissioner Tonya Antonucci accused fairly unabashedly, the WUSA of bad financial decisions. I know next to nothing about the financial issues related to running/owning a professional sport franchise. But it kind of came off as a most women just don't have a clue about these kind of things sentiment.
They also both dissed the WUSA for taking as its major marketing pitch a role-model/inspirational model. Sure, it was annoying at times, especially as an audience member who does not want to grow up to be a soccer player (I just want to date one!) It was a liberal, equal opportunity discourse at work. But it's not as if Antonucci is planning something radical or queer with WPS. In fact she's going back to the old standby: sex sells. Though she doesn't say exactly how she plans to put that concept into practice. My guess is she won't be marketing Natasha Kai's sexy post-goal dance to dykes like me. (Not that it matters because we'll show up for it anyway!) And I'll be curious as to how she deals with the hetero moms in the league, of which there are several. Is there going to be a MILF-ification campaign??
You know, stuff like this just brings me down after my initial excitement last week. I just have to keep reminding myself that I am getting season tickets and that they come with a nifty seat cushion. That should hold me for a little while.

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Diane said...

Yes, it's also why I hate all things MSNBC and CNN, too.