Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another victim of the economy

The not-that-old (9 months) Sports Museum of America, home of the Billie Jean King International Women's Sports Center, has closed. The for-profit museum apparently wasn't making much profit and the owners are seeking a buyer--it could be a steal for $10 million, if you're interested.
Apparently you would need to come up with a new marketing plan though; the lack of effective marketing is the reason given for the museum's closure.

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Zalika Green said...

I'm not surprised that place closed even though they had pretty cool memorabiia. The marketing was terrible. The only reason I knew of its existence was because that's where the WPS Player Allocation was. Second, I would have loved to visit the museum if I didn't mind forking over $20 for a ticket. I could spend a fraction of that money (practically nothing since you pay by donation), and probably have a better time, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.