Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Calhoun clarifications

Looks like I wasn't the only one interested in the financial figures Jim Calhoun put out there the other day.
[Oh, and I was wrong about his salary: it's $1.6 million; not $1.7 million. My bad.]
Also, the $12 million he referenced was not, as I hypothesized, the combined men's and women's revenues. I should have known better than to assume the head of the men's program actually knows or cares about what's going on on the other side (unless of course it negatively affects him).
According to the Chronicle of Higher Education (h/t to EBuz), Calhoun's $12 million figure comes from the revenues reported in the Equity in Athletics data Act plus the $5 million from corporate sponsorship.
This reveals some of the issues with the data collected by the Department of Education. Basically, it doesn't tell the whole story. Obviously the $5 million is income but it doesn't get reported under revenues. Also, as Calhoun himself noted, he earns a lot more than $1.6 million because he too gets corporate perks (a la Nike dollars) and money from camps, etc.
The only thing I am left wondering is where the Chronicle got the $6 million in expenses number. My findings still show $2.3 million. But as someone in the comments section of the article (which, for a short piece, was getting a lot of reader attention) noted often the expenses figures do not include things like arena upkeep or debt and other costs associated with facilities.
In short, we have a lot of numbers but nothing that reflects reality.

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Helen said...

I dare Flesser to ask coach Summitt the same question. :-)