Friday, February 27, 2009

Now they want to play with the girls

Softball and baseball both got voted off the Olympic roster at the same time and since that time both have been trying to get back in. Of course they need to overcome whatever (somewhat ambiguous depending on the account) issues the IOC had with them in the first place. They also need to compete with other sports vying to join an already packed list of summer sports.
The two sports had been pursuing separate bids, trying to earn the only two spots available for the 2016 games.
But now the baseball federation has called up the softball federation asking them to consider a joint bid.
Hmmm...why do the boys need the girls all of a sudden? Baseball clearly thinks it will have a better chance of getting back in if it rides softball's coat tails back into the games. Must think it has an image problem. Wonder why.
Softball seems a little wary. But it will be meeting with the baseball peeps to hear what they have to say. We'll have to wait to see what softball says back.

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