Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's tourney time: Bring on the lesbians

If you're the ACC (or any other conference) you probably aren't so keen on acknowledging your lesbian fan base at this, the most exciting time of the year for intercollegiate basketball--despite the many benefits of lesbian fandom.
This isn't a new issue certainly. There has been a lot of reporting on various WNBA teams and the level of attention (or inattention) they pay to their lesbian fans--of which there are many.
But this article addresses the lack of marketing to lesbians by basketball conferences. This is despite that fact that there are marketing strategies in place that target other fan groups like youth and families.
At this point, such a denial of a lesbian fan base is just bad business. Especially given the money lesbians spend when they travel to sporting events, including the conference tourneys and the NCAA games. Other entities recognize this: bars and restaurants hold lesbian-friendly events when tournaments are in town.
Unfortunately, the basketball conferences probably do not see a lot of incentive. After all, it's not as if we're not going to these games because they won't recognize us. We accept our blatant invisibility (to them) and get satisfaction in our visibility to one another when we attend such events.

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