Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where are they now: The LSU edition

Tonight the women of LSU (please find conspicuous the absence of the phrase Lady Tigers) will play against Louisville for a spot in the Sweet Sixteen. It will likely be an uphill battle for LSU but it's been a pretty "upsetting" tourney so far so we shall see...
Former LSU superstar Sylvia Fowles will not be there to root on her alma mater. She's in Russia. Moscow specifically playing for Spartak along with UConn alums Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi. Actually most of the stars of the WNBA (well not Parker because she's pregnant and on the cover of ESPN Magazine and all that) are overseas playing this time of year.
It's a good gig for most. Better than the one they have here playing for the WNBA. I've talked about this before. But the feature on Fowles reminded me just how lucrative it is there and how...well...not...it is here. (Note the irony--former communist country there, adamant capitalists here...) No one will say how much she is making playing for Spartak but rumors say something around $700,000. She makes $44,000 with the Chicago Sky just as a point of reference.
Also in Russia and with Spartak is Pokey Chatman. She is serving as an associate head coach. No word on how much she is making either. I do hope she is allowed someday to come out of exile and coach in the US.
What kind of bothered me (besides the obvious salary issue) is that Fowles is so blase about playing in Russia. She very purposely does not go out and experience the culture. It seems a big waste to live in such a great city as Moscow and not bother to check it out.

[h/t to JB for sending me the link]

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Anonymous said...

Pokey reportedly is being paid $500,000 for the season, so she's not doing too bad. :)