Friday, March 13, 2009

What are you doing next week?

The 18th Annual Brattleboro (VT) Women's Film Festival starts today. There are a few films that might be of interest to readers of After Atalanta. (I think even the non-sports ones look good, too though--so, check out the full schedule. Proceeds from event(s) go to Brattleboro Women's Crisis Center.)
A movie I have talked about several times--and also seen several times, now--Kick Like a Girl--is part of the festival line-up. A complement to Kick is a documentary about Patsy Mink, the Hawaiian senator after whom Title IX was renamed a few years ago. (I took a little exception to the description of Mink as "the driving force behind Title IX," but I still think the documentary, which is about her life in politics, is probably still worth seeing.)
The movie, though, that really looks good is Thin Ice, a documentary about a group of girls in India who form an ice hockey team. Ice hockey! (Note that I still have not seen the movie about field hockey in India. Note to self: get on that!)
Plus there are movies not about sports that look great, too!

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