Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Head Wall Ouch

The NCAA's announcement that sand volleyball (we all know it as beach volleyball) will become the latest "emerging sport" has generated some news. Several schools are actively considering the addition which is being touted as cheap and fairly easy to implement, especially if schools already have an indoor team (the thought is that there could be player and even coaching overlap).
But this dude in Utah thinks this is just another of the evil implementations of Title IX. Because sand volleyball is only being offered for women. He calls the move an attempt to "inflate" the numbers of women playing intercollegiate athletics (implying of course that their interest isn't real, or that the sport is somehow inferior) just like when those "silly NCAA-sponsored crew teams" were sanctioned. Mr. Robinson, I wouldn't mess with female rowers if I were you. They're fierce--in the best way!
He bemoans the lack of scholarships for male athletes--well for non-football-playing male athletes anyway. Because "excluding" football there are more female athletes than male athletes. Well why are you excluding football? It's not the fault of women--who are interested in sports by the way--that more men are interested in never playing in a real football game but remaining "part of the team."
And by the way, that 1979 OCR interpretation you mention. Well first you got it wrong. It did not establish strict proportionality as the only way to meet the interests and abilities of women. It established a three-prong test to do so. And this interpretation was proffered and supported by male coaches and administrators. (Because it happened when more men were attending college than women--something else Title IX helped change.)

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