Sunday, May 31, 2009

WCWS stuff

I love this weekend of the year, so many sports (but unfortunately so much yardwork that takes me away from the television).
Anyway, I have been catching the Women's College World Series and noticed a few things:
1. Will we ever reach a day when women are not called basemen?
2. PAC-10--not so dominant any more. OK mostly it was this guy who noticed that; I don't usually pay attention to such things.
3. There are still a lot of men coaching women's softball.
4. Softball has an inferiority complex: One of the commentators noted the other day that in regulation softball they only play 7 innings. As compared to...? I will say it again: the softball/baseball comparison hurts softball.
5. In last night's elimination game, Alabama was down 2-0 to Arizona State (the reigning champion). The 'Bama coach pulled his senior star player for a first-year lefty pinch hitter with the bases loaded. She hit a grand slam! And it didn't make Sports Center!
6. But Georgia's Briana Heson--the first baseperson--did make Sports Center's Top Ten list. Her diving catch of mis-popped bunt attempt was #2 this morning.

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