Monday, May 18, 2009

News-y things

I don't know what my problem is with finding things to blog about lately. But I am headed to s different country later this week so hopefully that will provide some information.
It's not as if there has not been things going on. After all, the women's college world series is nearly upon us. I went to a regional game this past weekend and had a very enjoyable time.
WPS is in full-swing. Though I have been a little bitter since the Abby Wambach suspension decision. But I am building a bridge and trying to get over it.

So here are just some tidbits to tide--well, mostly me, over--until I find my blog-jo again.
Lots and lots of Title IX stuff happening these days. With the recession has come a lot of cuts in sports programs and when cutting programs schools must consider from whom they are taking away opportunities.
Also making news is the case being brought by the axed volleyball team at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. The volleyball players and coach are alleging that the university cannot cut the team because it is not in compliance. Thus the university is taking away more opportunities from the group that already has fewer. [See the Title IX Blog for all these stories and more!]

You might have noticed the banner off to your left that says "Women Talk Sports." This is a new website that serves as one-stop shopping for female sports bloggers. Megan Hueter of Because I Played Sports is behind this initiative. So check it out.
Also check out one of the newer blogs on the block, One Sport Voice (also part of the Women Talk Sports network). One Sport Voice is authored by Dr. Nicole LaVoi of University of Minnesota (and affiliated with the school's Tucker Center for Research on Girls and Women in Sports which is run by Dr. Mary Jo Kane).

Also new--well not even quite in existence yet--is a magazine for female cyclists. Not a great time for print publications, but a magazine devoted to female cyclists is long overdue. There needs to be more awareness that yes, women do bike; even if they don't let us do it in that big race over in France. The mag is called She Pedals and will make its debut in September. The project of veteran cyclist Dena Eaton, the magazine will have something for every cyclist--all abilities, all ages. It will be a quarterly publication.

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