Thursday, May 28, 2009

Women's College World Series

The WCWS is upon us. Check out ESPN's Graham Hays for an analysis of what to expect.
I was surprised to see that Washington's Daniel Lawrie was one of the top two pitchers in the country this year. I saw her play in the regionals and opposing teams were definitely hitting off of her. Anyway, looking forward to seeing some of the tournament when I return. (Not big into softball here. But my father did sit next to a young English on the plane who said softball was big in England.)


Anonymous said...

I'm slightly sceptical about your English person who reckoned that softball is big in England. I know that there have been some attempts to promote it, and the GB team did nearly qualify for the Olympics on one occasion but I don't know of anywhere it is played. Perhaps this person meant rounders which most people do play at school as children. Katharine Sinderson UK

ken said...

According to my father, from whom I received the information, the young woman said slow-pitch softball was big in England--so not the softball that we see played at the international level.