Monday, May 04, 2009

Monday blues

I must be in a slump because I don't have that much to say.
Sure I could complain about how the WPS is in full swing and I have yet to see any scores or highlights on ESPN. (Of course I don't watch ESPN has much as others so please, please let me know if I am wrong. I will happily tune in to see coverage.) But I have already done that. More than once probably.
I could say my slump is part of my depression over flipping through the gazillion channels on my girlfriend's HDTV getting excited when I see softball, women's soccer, and women's tennis listed in the guide and then being let down because none of these channels are part of her cable package--which is not that basic, people. I know WPS peeps did a major celebratory dance when they negotiated a deal with Fox Soccer Channel but how many people have access to this?

I could talk about Nike's announcement last week of the Nike Gamechangers award winners. Nike worked with Changemakers, an organization dedicated to bringing about innovative social change all over the world, on this competition which sought out organizations dedicated to effecting change for women in sports. Could mention that the award was a measly $5,000 for each of the three winning organizations. Could wonder what kind of change $5,000 a year for all those women working in Nike's overseas factories might engender.* Could go home and burn all my Nike dri-fit tops.
Hopefully there will be more interesting news tomorrow.

*This is not to say that the work these organizations are doing is not valuable or worthy of the award and recognition. They all are. Many of them are trying to improve the economic situations of women in non-Western countries and women in poverty everywhere.

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