Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Bad band!

So this one time, in band camp...we learned naughty things to say to other teams during basketball games.
And now Texas Christian University is in trouble. For the bad band's actions during the first round of the 2009 women's national tournament, the NCAA Women's Basketball Committee has reprimanded the university:
The committee determined that members of the Texas Christian band made disparaging and inappropriate comments to both the game officials and student-athletes of a participating team during the first- and second-round games in Lubbock, Texas.
No word on what the exact behavior was or the extent of the reprimand. I saw the TCU pep band a few years ago at the Hartford regional and nothing seemed amiss.
I guess the band isn't allowed to trash talk the way the athletes are. Maybe band should be a sport, too. Some of the players certainly seem to have the attitude thing down.

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EBuz said...

Not very Christ-like, TCU!