Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dear ESPN,

Next March when you issue your press release during Women's History Month about how much coverage you provide of women's sports, I hope you don't count the softball game you are airing right now in your list of accomplishments.
Because when I saw that women's softball was airing during prime time on a Thursday, I was pretty psyched. But the World Cup final you are showing is from LAST YEAR. Last year!
And that "previously recorded" you have in the upper right corner of the screen is a little bit misleading. Previously recorded shouldn't really apply to LAST YEAR. Isn't that what ESPN Classic is for? Previously recorded is for a game that was played this afternoon or even earlier in the week. Don't make me come down to CT and explain it to you.
Sincerely (pissed off),

UPDATE: Ok, so it turns out ESPN did end up airing the USA v. Netherlands game a little after 9pm EST. There was a power outage in Oklahoma. So I take back the harsh tone. Still it would have been nice to see that program alert at the start of the broadcast rather than 45 minutes into it. Also, I have to say that I would not have flown off the proverbial handle if ESPN had a better track record.

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Helen said...

What were you watching? Might it have been filler after the "mercy" rule v. Italy? "cause i'm watching live softball US/Japan (back live after thunder/lightening)