Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obama on replay?

In a comment after my own snarky heart, sportswriter Tom Mahon of the Philadelphia Daily News notes that President Obama, in hosting the reigning WNBA champions, the Detroit Shock, basically gave the same speech about women's sports, and being a dad, yada, yada that he offered to the Connecticut Huskies, 2009 NCAA champions, last spring.
Really? You can't find something new to say about women's sports? I think he needs a new speechwriter; one that knows something about women's sports. So if anyone from the Obama administration is reading this just know that 1) we've noticed the lack of knowledge the president seems to have about women's sports (not including Title IX which he seems to have a handle on, thankfully) and 2) I am looking for a job. [I am also pretty good on women's issues generally and yes, I can tone down the sarcasm.]

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