Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wednesday evening aggravations

So I was prepping for dinner, washing my first batch of local green beans when I heard myself say aloud "don't do it, Alex. Don't make me blog about you--again." But here I am blogging once again about Alex Trebek's general chauvinism and how it seems to appear in the context of sports. Because as Alex moved his way down the row of teenaged contestants to the only girl, he asked her to smile (first moment of my wariness), and notes how pretty her teeth are (that's two), and that they are all her own teeth before noting that the reason for this charade (my words, not his) is that young Audrey is a hockey player. She's a goalie though so she has a face mask, he says. (Of course all players have face masks now, Alex.) And then he calls her "a brave little girl." *sigh*

Thankfully my spirits were buoyed by the airing--live--of the Boston Breaker versus the Washington Freedom game. My two favorite teams!! Alas Breakers player Alex Scott got ejected within the first five minutes of the game for a cleats-up tackle. It wasn't Scott's ejection that dismayed me. It was that I had to listen, for the remainder of the game about how the Breakers were playing "a man down" and that Washington was not taking advantage of their "man advantage." grr...

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