Monday, March 13, 2006

And so begins the madness

March madness that is. I am not really a basketball fan. I know next to nothing about the game but being at a Big Ten university one has to acclimate. So we have been going to women's b-ball games for a while now and even before coming here paid some attention to the women's tournament. So I am pretty excited that the women's selection gets its own night tonight on ESPN rather than playing second fiddle to the men's.
The big question though is whether my local gym will have a draw sheet for those of us wanting to do picks. There is a sign up that says to pick up your draw sheets today--the 13th--of course the women's wouldn't be ready until tomorrow. Last year we asked and they didn't have the women's tourney at all. We were aghast. I mean women's basketball has been a tradition around here since (to use my students' common phrasing about anything historical) "way back in the day." At the high school level, it has been more popular than the boys' game most of the time.
So I have reason to believe my gym won't come through with a draw sheet for the women's tournament (though I will wait until tomorrow morning to ask about it) and now I just have to consider how much of a stink to raise about it and how to go about it. Suggestions??

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