Friday, March 17, 2006

The more things change...

...well you know the rest of that cliche--one that I found to be very appropriate yesterday when I was casually reading the sport section of the Chicago paper (I don't remember which one however) while waiting for lunch at my favorite downtown wrap establishment. With March Madness upon us (it even got a reference in last night's episode of ER!) I expect I will hear--as I do every year--about the increasing depth of the women's game. And a hearty Rah! Rah! Rah! to that. This year it seems any one of the number 1 or 2 seeds could take the whole thing--though it seems fewer upsets are likely (I may be eating those words after this weekend of course which I would be more than happy to do). But back to Chicago--or rather their sport section--the growing depth and popularity (marked by--if nothing else--the cost of a first round ticket $60!) does not seem to translate into better media coverage--or print coverage since that was the medium I observed yesterday. The paper had 5 pages on the NCAA Tournament (the heading at the top of each page); they included the bracket (which at least said Men's Bracket) but all of the stories were about the men's tournament. I realize that yesterday kicked off the men's tournament with the women's not starting until tomorrow but there was nary a mention of the women's tournament. With the heading--NCAA Tournament--so boldly displayed every time one turned the page the impression that one got was that this was the only game in town worth mentioning--at length. I suppose in all fairness I should check out today or tomorrow's Chicago paper (if I can figure out which one it was) to see if they give the women similar treatment. Of course given that the men's tournament has already started there is no way there will be exclusive coverage (5 pages worth) of the women's tournament. I guess that's what happens when you're always playing second fiddle.


Pilarcita said...

I know what you mean.

I work at a TV station. And although our sports guys *say* they support women's sports, it seems I spend all my time *reminding* them of big games, important dates and facts, etc.

Even with the information spoon fed them... it still doesn't usually make air!

Keep up the good fight.

ken said...

I did check out Friday's Tribune (that was the paper I figured out) the other day--but it was the online version (so not necessarily an equal comparison) but it still had nothing about the women's tournament.
And I know ESPN2 is covering it all day--well much of the day--I think they are taking a break to show the Pacific LIfe final between Sharapova and Dementieva (which is a welcome break for me) but are we at all concerned that ESPN2 is kind of the little sister to ESPN? I don't know--maybe I read too much into the 2--but I also note that most of the tennis coverage throughout the year including the Grand Slams is shown almost exclusively on ESPN2 and we all know tennis is not the big draw--i.e. it seems to be relegated to ESPN2.