Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Not so satisfied anymore (or, The more things change...II)

So I was pretty happy when Ebuz told me our gym was rectifying its former oversight of the NCAA women's basketball tournament by doing a women's bracket this year as well. We filled out our brackets (I am doing fairly well by the way, 3 of my 4 final four picks made it) and turned them in. The men's bracket results were posted the day after round 1 finished. Because the women's round 1 finished a day later I waited to inquire where our results were. When I did, I was told they would be up in a few days. It's over a week later--no results. Neither EBuz nor I have ventured near the front desk again to ask. We're a little bit afraid we are the only ones who filled out a bracket.
Still---I'm pissed. We wonder, when members went to the desk to ask for their bracket, if the staff even bothered to ask "men's or women's?" Because there wasn't a women's bracket last year it's possible very few people even knew it was an option. Certainly the lack of visible results is a sign to members that there isn't one or that it isn't important enough to post.
The argument certainly cannot be made that women aren't interested in sports because a glance at the leaders of the men's bracket show women have done a pretty good job choosing the winners. It does however suggest that there is still little interest in women's sports--even basketball. Guess Candace Parker is going to have to do a lot more dunking before I can convince the gym management (all 4 owners are men in case anyone thinks that matters) that the women's bracket should be posted and even--gasp--promoted.


Pilarcita said...

I just spent the last week trying to get my boss to cover the only team in our state that's still in post-season play, and they're going for the WNIT championship on Friday!

It wasn't until the male sports director hopped in on the fight with me that our news director changed his mind!

In cases like these us squeaky wheels just gotta keep squeaking until we get the grease (or basketball brackets, whatever) we deserve.

-Nimitz' Lady

Anonymous said...

Nimitz' Lady, good luck to Kansas State or Marquette --whichever is your team!