Monday, June 05, 2006

Grunting--it's not just for girls anymore

I only checked in occasionally this morning to Gaels Monfils match against Djokovic. But whenever I did, I noticed that there was a lot of grunting going on. Grunting that seemed on the same decibel level as Sharapova (who was noticeably more quiet this year except maybe for that last match against Safina). It seemed to be coming mostly from Monfils side of the court. They're not going to like that at Wimbledon! A black Frenchman making lots of noise on the hallowed grounds? Oh the horror!


Diane said...

LOL. Grunting has always been a part of the men's game, but Monfils has taken it to a new level. I can handle grunting; I even miss Monica's grunting, which was unique. What I have trouble with is screaming, a la Sharapova and Venus (remember that Wimbledon semifinal?).

The legitimate complaint (if there is one) about screaming and grunting is that it keeps the opponent from hearing the smack of the ball. This would not be true, of course, of mild grunters like Federer and Henin-Hardenne, but of screamers and major grunters.

The only player I've heard complain publicly about grunting is Capriati. Remember the San Diego quarterfinal in which she told Seles to "Shut the fuck up!"?

Anonymous said...

Most men love it when girls grunt along rhythmically. It makes crossing the finish line all the more satisfying.