Thursday, June 26, 2008

Alex Trebek: Sexist

A while ago I noted that Alex Trebek had made some sexist remarks during an episode of Jeopardy! when the clue was about sports.
Since that time I have noticed that he seems to be pretty sexist generally. He frequently takes a very condescending or dismissive tone with the women on the show. How did I miss this? Why didn't anyone tell me to beware? Do I really have to stop watching Jeopardy!?
Last night was pretty egregious though when he said not once--but twice!--when the Final Jeopardy category of Heisman Trophy Winners (I am still waiting for the day when the Final Jeopardy category is Patty Kazmaier Trophy Winners) was mentioned, that it looked like it would be a tough category for the two female contestants.
Right, 'cause women know nothing about football.
Well these two women did. Both got the answer correct (as did the male contestant).
So nahnny nahnny poo-poo, Alex Trebek.


Anonymous said...

The following was sent to:

(the message post feature only allows a 400 character max so I had to keep it short)

"While watching the June 25, 2008 episode, I was very disappointed to hear Mr. Trebek twice make sexist remarks suggesting that the female contestants were at a disadvantage in Final Jeopardy because it was a sports category.

I hope that in the future Mr. Trebek is more thoughtful in his choice of words."

ken said...

Good for you, vjw! It looks like other people were pissed off at Mr. Trebek as well. Saw quite a few blog posts about his comments.