Sunday, June 01, 2008

Same resources?

Lots o' softball on this weekend. My prediction about Arizona not 3-peating has proven true--not that it was that much of a stretch. Looked liked #1 seeds the Florida Gators might get knocked out but they have rallied and it looks like they are almost certainly going to push previously undefeated A&M (who have now become my favorites because UCLA got knocked out--note to coaches--find pitchers who can FIELD the ball, too) to a second game tonight.
Head coach of the Gators, Tim Murphy, is not surprised at the success of his team, of course. He said the other day that the athletic department does an exceptional job supporting the softball program. He said they have just as many resources as the football team.
Hmmm...interesting comparison. Now, I don't know what things are like in Florida, and most teams that make it to the WCWS have to be well-supported by their universities. But as well as the DI football program?
I suppose it could be true--or at least the softball team could think it is true. But think about this: Dr. Christine Grant, Title IX and women's sports advocate and former women's athletic director at University of Iowa, has said about Title IX compliance and distribution of resources that things are equitable when the football team agrees to the treatment of a women's team, say a softball team.
So would the University of Florida football team find the treatment of and conditions in which the softball team plays, trains, and travels acceptable? If yes, then Florida earns many kudos. If no, then the softball team might need to readjust its thinking.

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