Monday, June 02, 2008

Three men make US Olympic softball team

Yep, I just heard from Beth Mowins, who is the lead commentator for the championship games of the WCWS, that the three man pitching staff of the US national team contains two lefties. How would those two lefties, Monica Abbott and Cat Osterman, and the rightie Jennie Finch feel if Beth Mowins came up to them on the street and called them men?
Right. Then don't do it on television either.


Diane said...

My guess is that those three women are called men a lot and they don't object. I have been called "dude" and I am always referred to as part of "you guys" when I am with either a man or another woman. When I object and say I am not a male, I get either dropped jaws or laughter.

Unknown said...

The fact that protesting your own status as a human being makes people laugh is usually a pretty good sign that there's deep-seated cultural asshattery going on.

anonymous said...

I was watching the French Open final this morning, and John McEnroe kept referring to eventual champ Ana Ivanovic by her first name. I guess he knows her pretty well then. I'm willing to bet during the Sunday final, it'll be "Nadal" and "Federer" and not their first names.