Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's all about the gear

I do very much enjoy the sports I play, but I have to admit that I also enjoy the gear associated with the sports I play: for example my new silver Adidas, 6-racket (I only have 2) bag with backpack straps. Sure everyone makes fun of how big it is; one of my teammates referred to it as a hockey bag. But it's pretty cool. And it's probably a little intimidating too. It makes me look like a better player than I actually am. The intimidation thing may have had an effect on the woman I played last night who only won three games during our match. [More likely it was the extreme humidity that had a greater adverse effect on her than me.]

Anyway this is all to lead into a discussion of the availability of gear for women, which, I know, I have done before. But this month Her Sports + Fitness has their first ever gear guide devoted exclusively to women's gear. I haven't seen it yet. Maybe someone who goes to Barnes and Noble a lot might pick it up for me. It reviews apparel, equipment, and nutrition products/supplements.

Out in Oregon a new women's sportswear company has been founded by a mother of two female athletes. Aries Apparel was started by Diane Marsden who carries gear and apparel for 8 sports: lacrosse, tennis, volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, golf, and swimming. One thing I really like about Aries--they carry a range of sizes XS-XXL. About freakin' time that a women's sportswear company realizes that female athletes come in all different shapes. [I'm talking to you, Title 9!] Aries has one store in Hillsboro and is opening a second this weekend in Tanasbourne. (Note that I have no idea where these places are but if you live in Oregon perhaps you do.) And you can check out their website at http://www.ariesapparel.com/ (as of now you cannot buy online nor can you see the store's offerings) where you find their cute slogan: "we don't have anything against boys, we just don't want to wear their clothes."

And finally, a while ago a woman who has started a company that makes hockey gear for girls emailed me. She asked me to mention her company and provided a link to the website. She had seen a previous post I did about another such company. But apparently she missed the point of that post where I bemoaned the pinkification of sports where girls' apparel has to be pink or purple and have polka dots so the girls feel better about playing sports such as hockey. I checked out the site. No polka dots but lots of animal prints; some pink. And the athletes are referred to as "ladies" and we know how I feel about that. So, needless to say, I will not be promoting said website.

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