Monday, June 16, 2008

Playoff day

I usually do not watch men's golf but I kept company part of the weekend with someone who does so I caught the last few holes of the US Open last night. It was actually exciting. I was rooting for Rocco Mediate because he seemed to be having such a good time and just enjoying the experience. And because, frankly, I am over Tiger Woods. I don't have anything against him--well actually I am a little perturbed by his unwillingness to engage in activism. But mostly the whole dominance thing gets a little boring--and, again, I don't a bit about men's golf.
But here I am cheering for Mediate. Because, after hearing some of his interviews last night, I thought he had great perspective and a great attitude and then I thought, "I think he's a little bit queer." I am not saying he is gay. I don't know anything about the guy except that he's 45 and ranked 158. But he seems a little outside normative masculinity. And I like that--especially in male athletes.
I thought he would get blown away today in the 18-hole playoff against Woods but he's actually leading by 1 with three holes to go.
Go Rocco!

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