Thursday, June 05, 2008

Old news, new news

Dr. Mary Jo Kane, and her colleagues, at the Tucker Center at University of Minnesota came out with the results of their study on the effects of the sexualization of female athletes last year, but the media seems to keep wanting to talk about it. Usually I pass over these articles, but this one is actually an interview with Kane. And since I keep citing her and her work on this blog I thought I would just link to it so you can read, directly from the source, exactly what happens when all those athletes pose all sexy with little to no clothing. And though the article/interview did not mention this, tennis player Ashley Harkelroad recently announced she will be posing in Playboy. So we can look at that announcement in light of the information Kane provides.
I still find it stunning that Harkelroad is doing this given her very Christian ways--or at least once upon a time she had very Christian ways. She has talked about how she carries her Bible around with her on tour. And I always assumed her first marriage at a very young age to another tennis pro was motivated by Christian beliefs. Maybe this is what Jesus wants her to do because Playboy, as Harkleroad, says is just "so classy."

An update on the lesbian kiss at Safeco: the AP finally picked up the story, and they quote Pat Griffin. Nothing especially new except that perhaps someone from the Mariners has apologized. But the incident has apparently created quite a stir in Seattle. It's all over the newspapers and airwaves. So I am sure there will be more on this issue.

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