Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dear FOX news:

I know your article about the BCS wasn't really about gender equity or Title IX but when you invoke it--even as a comparison--please get it right.
The federal government did not force the NCAA to comply with Title IX by mandating the NCAA given women equal money.
It's actually athletic departments that do most of the doling out of the money. And, furthermore, Title IX does not require equal spending on men's and women's sports. It requires equitable treatment.
Some fact checkers might be helpful or maybe sports writers that know something about women's sports and how they are funded and treated.


Aaron Matthews said...

Title IX requires equitable treatment?

Well then, where are your letters to ASU chiding the AD for holding three men's sports hostage for fundraising or University of Delaware for flat out cutting men's track in order to throw the money behind women's golf? Well or even the fact that women's teams aren't expected to contribute to the school either in funds or PR like men's are.

What about the issue that so many states are trying to figure out what the traditional soccer season is for girls but have no problem telling so many boys sports they have no season at all?

Some fact checkers might be helpful of maybe a blogger that know something about women's sports and how they are funded and treated.

I'm not saying what Fox did was right, but you are guilty of the same failing.

ken said...

My letters to UD say "Why the hell are you cutting sports, blaming Title IX (and not even starting golf right away) but throwing all this money into facilities? Why are you denying opportunities for participation to some student athletes and giving a myriad of perks to a select few?"
Aaron, you can call me uninformed but I know Title IX. I have been through two NCAA reaccreditation processes. I have reviewed the athletic department budgets of two DI institutions. I know where the money is going and where it is not. I have had the best teachers out there on these issues. I know what I'm talking about.

Diane said...


The fact-checking, I'm afraid, is for you to do. ken is an expert on Title IX, and those who have actually studied Title IX know that what she says is absolutely correct.