Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Transfer fever?

As came up during the recent discussion of Elena Delle Donne's transfer from UConn, it's not as if this kind of thing hadn't happened before. And it certainly wasn't the last incident--even of the 2008-2009 season. LSU announced that first-year guard Crystal Riley will be granted a full release so she can pursue the sport at another university. Riley was not exactly a benchwarmer. She played in six games already this season.
Maybe some of my colleagues at Women's Hoops Blog can fill in some blanks??

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Helen said...

I wouldn't bunch EDD (which was more burnout/withdrawl) with LSU and/or Rutgers' transfer.

There are more transfers win women's basketball these days. Some of it has to do with the pressure on coaches and recruits to commit early. I also think there's more ego involved and more opportunities, so if you don't get playing time, you're more willing/it's easier to jump ship.

Also, I don't know if kids got homesick "back in the day" and didn't jump and run because 1) "Too bad kid, it's a scholly (or a partial, more likely), deal with it or 2) Kids didn't travel that far away (For instance, Nancy Hogshead took a Duke scholly in swimming v. going to Stanford because of distance and cost - she lived in Fla.) so the pangs weren't as awful...

That's all I got.