Friday, January 09, 2009

Friday happenings

1. Where international players will go in the WPS still remains up in the air though things are getting settled. Looks like Marta will head to LA to play for the Sol. No contract yet so don't count on it. But it appears that anywhere she goes, she will be the top-paid player--in the whole league. The WPS is planning to market the heck out of her. Interesting. First game of the season will be the Sol versus the Washington Freedom. So Marta versus Abby Wambach. Nothing like starting out with a bang!

2. Changing the conversation completely...the 2010 Olympics are only 13 months away! Writer Philip Hersh of the LA Times reminds us of that fact. Then he runs down what's happening in winter sports. Nice to see sports that are rarely covered (luge, speed skating) get some ink (or pixels I guess). Unfortunately he does not mention hockey, not that there is that much happening on the national front. Though it would have been nice for him to note that the US women's national team has had some success recently against rival and hockey powerhouse Canada. Also, short track skating? What's up with Apollo Anton Ohno?

3. Candace Parker is pregnant! So looking forward to how this story gets covered. Will the WNBA play up the mommy thing like they did with Swoopes and Susie McConnell Serio (whose whiteness was also a big--yet unmentioned--part of that campaign)? Will Parker become another example of mommy athletes? Is it going to have that yucky liberal tinge to it? The women can do everything they want--including professional sports--and still reproduce; and indeed they should! Does anyone else think she's really young both in age and in her career to have a baby? I am sure this will not be the last mention of this story.


Anonymous said...

In your January 9th blog about Candace Parker's pregnancy, you mentioned two previous WNBA moms.One of them was Mrs. McConnell-Serio, but you got her first name wrong. It's not Kim, it's Susie.

ken said...

Thanks for the correction. I realized that when I re-read an article about her the other day.