Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thanks, bad economy

I thought I was going to be able to avoid talking about the Superbowl all together but this story was just too good and it isn't about the Superbowl directly so...
In case you are not aware--we are in a recession. Things are not good--even for football. Parties have been cancelled; there is far less swag and booze this year according to reports. But who knew the bad economy would help eliminate sexism. Okay, not quite eliminate sexism but it's definitely a step in the right direction that the Lingerie Bowl is no more. At least for this year.
Okay, well it wasn't exactly the economy; more of a red tape fiasco that the producers of Lingerie Bowl VI couldn't get the right permits in time to stage the event (which airs on Pay-per-View during halftime) at their original location. So they were going to put it on at a Caliente, a nudist--I'm sorry--a "clothing optional" resort. Except LB peeps wanted the spectators to be wearing clothes if they attended. Some of the players quit because they were afraid they would have to perform au naturale or at least play in front of naked spectators. Lingerie Bowl officials cited lack of dedication in these women.
So, in the end, sexism (and irony*) are still alive and well. But at least there's no Lingerie Bowl VI this year.

* Maybe it's just us, but having women who already are playing football in skimpy underwear do so at the Caliente clothing optional resort didn't seem to be much of a stretch.
But Lingerie Football League president Stephon McMillen (and how do you get that job?) told our Emily Nipps that they didn't want to be in a "potentially negative" and "less than comfortable environment that would ultimately jeopardize the mainstream perception and reputation" of their brand.

h/t to Sean from sportsBabel

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