Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday soccer news, the PS edition

The Boston Globe had an interview with Tony DiCicco, former national team coach and the current coach of the newly revised Boston Breakers.
Fairly innocuous. Interesting to me reminded that the Breakers will be the only professional women's sport in Massachusetts. As a Mass resident, I actually forget that because I seem to go to a lot of sporting events that involve women. There are the Boston Lobsters of World Team Tennis but it's a mixed gender team. There's also semi-professional football. And there used to be fast-pitch softball in Lowell, MA--but I'm not sure it's there anymore.
DiCicco is confident the Breakers will do well in Boston noting that the Breakers of the WUSA came very close to turning a profit last time around. Also, he thinks the WPS will so better because of a myriad of business-type reasons, because women's soccer is played Americans want sport to be played, and finally because "they have this girl-next-door-type demographics." I'm not sure exactly what that means but it seems pretty heteronormative to me. Seems like we might, once again, be ignoring a certain demographic that shows up in large numbers to these games. Which reminds me once again: buy season tickets!

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