Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's all about Marta!

So, yes, indeed--Marta is going to LA. It's probably the best place for her given that soccer may have more a following in CA. According to this article, she drew an average of 10,000 fans when she played in Sweden. She has signed a three-year contract. Most of us fans are crossing our fingers that the WPS lasts three years. Which should serve as a reminder that we need to get season tickets! (Okay, mostly it's a reminder to me.)
Marta's national team teammate, Cristiane, has been drafted and intends to sign a contract with the Chicago team.
Marta also just won the FIFA World Player of the Year Award. Probably pretty ho-hum for her--it's the third time--in a row!
The US Women's National Team got a special shout out when the Presidential Award was given to women's soccer. Can't really figure out what the Presidential Award is or why women's soccer generally received it. Guess it wasn't important enough for any media outlet to explain what with all the ink they gave Ronaldo, the men's World Player winner.
I found this on FIFA's web page about the award which was given to women's soccer because, according to the FIFA president, "We are delighted with the progress which has been made so far in the women's game. Whether in terms of technique, physical fitness or tactics, women's football is experiencing continuous development around the world."
American Heather O'Reilly accepted the award on behalf of the entirety of women's soccer, I guess.

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