Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday soccer news

Brandi Chastain, who's 40 now (!), has been drafted by the F.C. Gold Pride in the Bay Area of California. She was the 45th draft pick.
I'm not really a Chastain fan (and it has nothing to do with the "bra incident") and so her going late(ish) in the draft and her inability to even get into tryouts for the national team this past year has brought to the surface a little teensy bit of schadenfraude. After all, Chastain made it to the national team initially as a scab. When national team players went on strike prior to the 1996 games, Chastain happily joined up to play, after previously being shunned. (I also think it's kind of funny that Chastain's Wikipedia entry calls her a "former soccer player." She might want to go in and edit that herself now.) This is all to say "karma's a bitch."
Briana Scurry went to the Washington Freedom in the fifth round. It looks like she may get the start because the Freedom's other goalie, a Canadian, tore her ACL at the Olympics and will not be ready to go until the summer.
Chicago's Kate Markgraf won't be playing right away either. She's pregnant--again. Seems like she just came back from being pregnant. Not good timing. She was one of the Red Stars' headliners and now she's missing the WPS's first season.

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