Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bye-bye, Ben?

So apparently I was not the only one to think that maybe it was time for Ben Smith, USA Hockey's women's national team head coach. During the bronze medal game (which the US won 4-0 over Finland!) commentators discussed as interview Smith had given prior to the game. Apparently he was evasive about whether he would return but he hinted around that he was ready to leave (because he sees the writing on the boards perhaps?). But I give him considerable credit because he said that perhaps it was time for a female coach to lead the team. Canada was the only team with a female head coach, as I have mentioned previously, in the field of eight teams. Canada has a commitment to grooming female head coaches. It is time for USA Hockey to follow suit.
Commentator A.J. Mzelcko said while it would be nice to have a female head coach, USA Hockey should find "the most qualified person for the job." This is the spiel I heard from many female hockey players when I did my master's thesis a few years about gender preferences in hockey coaches. Basically this is the rhetoric that is passed around in all professions about race and gender. It is typical anti-affirmative action propaganda that appeals on those who still adhere to the myth of American meritocracy.
I can't wait to see what happens!

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