Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Where are the women?

Are there women playing Wimbledon this year? I see scores scrolling along the bottom and I saw Maria Sharapova interviewed this morning but I haven't seen any of them actually playing.
Instead I get to watch the Nadal match that, despite being on grass, still took two hours to play 2 sets.
It seems that ESPN is sticking with its French Open policy of staying with a match, no matter how lackluster, until the bitter end. And unfortunately all these matches feature men.


Diane said...

So far, the women have been all but invisible on ESPN. I bought an all-access pass so I can watch matches on my computer. They show them all, but they show enough that you have several choices.

But so far, the choices in the classic match downloads have all been men's matches, except for last year's Wimbledon women's final. I expect that to change at some point.

Diane said...

I meant to say "they don't show them all."

ken said...

I did watch Hingis soundly defeat Garbin this afternoon but was shocked that in the remaining hour instead of showing pieces of unaired matches they went back to the Roddick match!

Amateur said...

Did you catch the Nadal match yesterday? Did you hear Dick Enberg (?) making fun of Irakli's "love handles?"

I thought that was pretty interesting. You don't often hear any negative comments about the male players' physiques.