Sunday, July 23, 2006

I finally cried

MFHP and I left the Gay Games this past Thursday. On our way out of town though we caught water polo--fascinating though very complicated to understand all the rules. And because basketball was right across the hall we went there too. There were several games going on including what seemed to be the feature match in the center of the gymnasium with young guys in intense competition. But on the other side of the gym I caught what I initially thought was a practice. But when I walked closer I saw that it was a three-on-three contest and all the participants were women over 60. And they were good and it was just as intense a contest as the young guys on center court. And MFHP and I started to cry thinking about the opportunities these women didn't have growing up as pre-Title IX athletes.
I had thought I would have cried earlier in the Games--people warned us it would happen. But it hadn't and we thought we would leave without shedding a joyful tear. But these women did it for us.
We have to remember too that they are gay. Gay, pre-Title IX young women. Not exactly an easy position to occupy. Added sympathy too for the team from New Orleans.
It was the perfect event to end our first Gay Games experience. We're looking forward to Germany in 2010. Maybe I'll actually participate this time!

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