Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Oh, Amelie

I came across this picture of Wimbledon champion Amelie Mauresmo about a week after she won her second grand slam title. I was dismayed. As attractive as she is, this dress does nothing for her. Perhaps because it doesn't seem like her style. If Ellen DeGeneres, he most visible lesbian in Hollywood can wear styling pants suits to the various awards ceremonies than Mauresmo, the most visible lesbian in tennis, can certainly do so as well. OK sure it was the champions' ball at Wimbledon, arguably the most venerable tennis tournament in the world. But the dress is just so not Amelie.
I have felt that Amelie, while not going back in the closet certainly, has not been as out on the tour as she was when she first burst on the scene at the 1999 Australian Open. Of course at that time she might have been a little naive about the reaction. But still we never see a girlfriend in the players' box or hear her thank a significant other. Other players aren't required to sequester their personal lives. Mauresmo might, of course, have made a "choice" not to talk about her personal life at all (maybe it's different in the European press) but it seems unlikely that the choice was not motivated by the significant attention her homosexuality has garnered. In a sense I can't blame her. But still I am disappointed that her vibrant outness from early in her career has faded.


Diane said...

I looked at all the phtoos, and though this particular dress wasn't quite what I would have wished, I thought she looked stunning. She has always worn designer evening dresses and cocktail dresses for big events.

What upset me was that she did not bring her partner to the dinner.

ken said...

See I thought she looked out of sorts in the dress.
DO you think she wears dresses because she really feels comfortable in them or because she feels--on some level--that she should?
Where do you find your photos, Diane? And also--where did you come across the info about her not bringing her partner? (I need some new links.)

Diane said...

I found all the photos on Getty. Roger had his girlfriend with him, and Amelie was alone.

I didn't think she seemed uncomfortable in the dress. The photo you have is when she just entered the hotel and the paparazzi starting snapping when she was right in front of a mirror, and I think she was bit uncomfortable with the attention. Just my guess. The photos of her later in the evening have her looking much more relaxed.

Amelie has done a few very nice fashion spreads in Paris. I've seen them, and they are gorgeous.

And call me old-fashioned or just the halfBrit that I am, but I think it is indeed an occasion for an evening gown.