Sunday, March 11, 2007

Glad I don't live in Great Britain

Because I might not be playing tennis right now. (Well in an hour actually.)
A new study shows that only 19 percent of British women participate regularly in recreational physical activities. The study, conducted by the British Women's Sports Foundation, also shows that race is factor. Only 13 percent of Asian women say they participate in recreational sports.
The link above does not provide many details however. But it seems that participation in recreational sports is not widespread in Great Britain. Because, according to the study, only 24 percent of men say they participate in sports three or more times a week.
But when compared to the United States and Australia where about 50 percent of women take part in recreational sports, participation numbers for women are low. The plan is to work with 15 women in GB and develop them into leaders in women's sports over the next three years. It appears to be a trickle-down plan rather than something more grassroots.
Though the British may not be participating in sports in large numbers, they certainly have being a fan down. Check out any football match or Wimbledon--especially when a Brit is playing.

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