Friday, April 13, 2007

What ever shall I blog about now?

What is this strange new feeling I am having? I think it must be success. Don Imus will no longer be doing his radio show. CBS and WFAN have fired him just a day after MSNBC decided to stop simulcasting the program on television.
ABC News calls it a "stunning fall"; and I have to admit I am feeling a little stunned. I am sure there were a lot of intersecting factors at play in this situation that resulted in the firing of Imus but I guess I had become so cynical as to believe that a lot of people would protest--and rightly so--and there would be some form of punishment. When the two-week suspension was announced I figured that that was it. When MSNBC made their announcement I figured that was the best we would do and hoped the Imus show would die a slow death with people refusing to go on the show, ratings dropping, etc.
But this is better. I think. I do wonder about the backlash. The this-was-PC-gone-amuck backlash.
This column and all the issues of racism, homophobia, and sexism in sport will, I am sure give me plenty to blog about in the future. Rebecca Hagelin writes that Title IX is a form of "reverse discrimination" that "dictates strict quotas." Hagelin is very concerned about the "average white boy" and the discrimination he faces.
The day we can legitimately start talking about Title IX and reverse discrimination will come after the day that, as Dr. Christine Grant has said, male athletes happily agree to train, compete, travel, do PR, etc. under the same conditions that their female counterparts do. That day is still a long way off.


Anonymous said...

As you probably know, I will be in deep depression over this whole thing. I totally agree that Imus was out of line with his hurtful comments. However, since I've woken up with him almost every morning for the last several years, I will miss his edgy, though warped, humor and his insightful guests.

Chat soon, Mommia

EBuz said...

Might I suggest Morning Edition to fill the void? Also, NHPR follows that up at 9 with a delightful local program called "the Exchange" with Laura Knoy (whom I adore).

I'm pretty sure you would pick this up on 88.3 FM.