Thursday, July 12, 2007

Early ESPY coverage

The ESPYs were taped last night. I completely forgot about them this year. Usually I have some critique to offer. Maybe when they air July 15. (Why does ESPN tape the awards show and air it later? It seems silly given that news outlets will report on the event and winners before the show even airs on ESPN.)
Anyway, I read an Eonline article about the pre-show festivities and the swag the presenters, et al receive and found this aggravating statement by "Party Girl" (you can deconstruct on your own the use of "girl" to describe an adult professional woman) who covers such star-studded events for E!: "for the past three days, athletes, their wives and sports-loving celebs have been indulging in swag and mojitos at the Mondrian Hotel."
So if we follow Party Girl's logic either 1) all athletes are men or 2) all athletes, male and female, date and marry women. Both assumptions of course are problematic.
You can comment on the story by following the link above and let "Party Girl" know that athlete does not equal male; women do play sports! They even receive ESPYs for it.

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Diane said...

I find the ESPY concept repulsive, and this year, it has reached a new low: Justin Gatlin, confirmed cheater, was selected Best Male Track Athlete. Why was he even on the nomination list? The fact that people voted for him is another matter.

A couple of years ago--you may have seen this--host Jamie Fox sexually assaulted Serena Williams on stage. She looked appropriately uncomfortable, and I wish she had done something in response, but she didn't--she just looked freaked out. Last year I heard that they had become pals. If that is so, it is just another statement on what behaviors women believe to be "acceptable."