Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Since I wrote about football yesterday I don't feel the need to dwell on that particular Thanksgiving tradition.

So I'll just say "Happy Thanksgiving" to everyone. Here are my Thanksgiving wishes (I know wishes are for Christmas and Thanksgiving is for giving thanks but...) for you:

  • I hope you eat everything you want without guilt and with much enjoyment.

  • I hope you did not spend extra time at the gym this week working off what you have not yet eaten--a spin instructor once told us that as encouragement during class.

  • I hope you are not taking advice about eating a small salad or drinking ten glasses of water before the meal.

  • I hope if you're running in a turkey trot that you're doing it because it's fun and eating a good meal after an outdoor run makes food so much more enjoyable.

  • And I hope if you do go to the gym this weekend it's not because you're anxious about holiday pounds and that no trainer or instructor pushes you to work harder by invoking that pecan pie or second helping of garlic mashed potatoes. And if they do, you are always welcome in my spin class Sunday morning where I will not make any mention of Thanksgiving feasting or holiday calories.

  • Enjoy your food! Enjoy your workouts! Enjoy your holiday!

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